Keith's Old Sermons

These are some of the sermons I've delivered since 1992 as a preaching deacon at King of Kings Church in Liverpool, NY.

All files are in PDF format.

Don't Just Do Something, Sit There (8.8.92) Wrestlemania (10.21.01)
After the Rooster Crows (3.21.93) I Know That My Redeemer Lives (11.11.01)
While We Were Yet Sinners (6.27.93) Go Make Disciples (5.26.02)
All We Like Sheep (7.24.94) The Idiots in the Vineyard (10.6.02)
On the RIght Side (4.30.95) The Odd Couple (6.29.03)
Who Do You Trust? (8.20.95) The Poor Little Rich Boy (10.12.03)
Good News! (11.26.95) Critical Mass (7.25.04)
Taking Care of Our Own (4.28.96) The End (11.21.04)
God Had Other Plans (9.15.96) Wheat and Tares (7.17.05)
Wisdom (8.7.97) Our Only Hope (8.28.05)
True Reformation (10.23.97) Two Weddings and A Birthday (7.16.06)
Amazing Grace (6.14.98) The Great Divorce (10.8.06)
The Steward Who Used His Head (9.20.98) Three Little Words (7.1.07)
Blessed Is Who (1.31.99) Teach Us To Pray (7.29.07)
Salt and Light (2.7.99) How Long Already? (10.7.07)
The Good Shepherd? (4.25.99) Original Sin (2.10.08)
In All The Earth (5.30.99) A New Thing (4.20.08)
The Rest Is Commentary (10.24.99) Choose Love (10.15.08)
Do You Get It (6.18.00)
Body Parts (1.21.01)
The Good Samaritan (7.15.01)

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